To send goods from South Korea, we use EMS courier service. It is the most convenient and reliable way of delivery at the moment, the rates are much more favorable than other courier services. The huge advantage of this type of delivery is that EMS deliver – Everywhere in the world. The courier will deliver the parcel personally in your hands to the address specified by you.
We work at official tariffs
see the cost table

Time of delivery:
Buy goods 1-3 days
Ship to Korea 1-5 days
Ship to Worldwide 7-20 days*
Total: ~15-27 days

*Time may be extended and depend on customs clearance time.
The responsibility for parcel safety during transportation lies with the courier service.



Payment is available in the following ways:

1) Transfer to account in Korea (commission depends on your bank)

2) PayPal account commission 5%

3) Translate PayPal 0%

Buy by link

This service is especially popular when you need to buy goods in stores that do not accept cards and work only for the domestic market of the country. In the parcel you can put both the goods bought from online stores by us, and incoming independent parcels.

We check the order if we need a nickname of the seller
We invoice
You refill your account using any method convenient for you
Our employees buy your order
We accept the order to our warehouse
You form the outgoing parcel
We weigh the parcel and specify the exact weight and price of delivery
You pay the cost of delivery, then the parcel is sent to your address

After you register your order at the warehouse, you will receive a notice in your personal cabinet and by Email.

We take pictures of things for an extra fee. Learn more about all services and tariffs:



This type of delivery (kargo) is suitable for wholesale buyers and those who have orders that exceed the weight and size of the EMS courier service.
If you send goods through kargo, you get reliable service and favorable conditions of service.

Any request is considered individual.



We do not run social networks for the safety of users of the service.

Mail only [email protected]

is used for communication.

Internal chat in bunddler.com

To consult telegrams @sendkorea

Mail Forwarding providing address

When you order the Mail Forwarding service, you purchase the product yourself: contact the seller and pay for the cost of the order and delivery to our warehouse. Sendkorea provides you with our warehouse address, which you can use when ordering from online stores. Once your order arrives at our warehouse, you will receive a notice and can generate a parcel that we will send to the address you specified.

Self-delivery address:

SEONBU 2 DONG 1070-15
SendKorea + your name and surname

May as well fill in the Korean form:

425-829 경기도 안산시 단원구 선부2동 1070-15
단원프라자 205호
SendKorea + your first and last name

Register in the system, then add your own parcel by specifying its track number.